Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Married!

Well, I managed Christmas and getting married the next day! It was a beautiful ceremony and all my friends and family (and new family) all helped so much to make it a real wedding occasion. You all can watch it online if you are interested at and the video is titled something like wedding. So now it feels wonderful to be married, actually not that much different, but that not much different is a wonderful feeling. Aram treats me so well and we have a great relationship, I am way happy. Now Aram and I are looking for a new place to live, we have outgrown living with our friend in the kids bedroom, we are ready for our own space, everyday we keep saying to ourselves, 'We can't wait until we have our apartment!' My health is a lot better and I have the energy to be looking for places to live and things like that. I actually was able to go out and see a movie last weekend (Avatar, it rocked) and coffee the next morning, although it meant that I slept literally all morning and afternoon today to catch up on the rest I didn't get this weekend. So that is pretty much my personal life in a nutshell, not all that exciting :)
I got four Amigurumi books for Christmas, and I am loving them, although its funny because I have been all about making my own designs. My next post will be the pattern for the rabbit, I suppose it is a little early for Easter, but maybe this will help people get a leg up! I am planning on making a dozen eggs and a dozen baby chicks in egg cartons.... but before that I have LOTS of presents to make for people and lots of requests. But I decided for my own sanity to do one amigurumi for someone else and then one for myself, otherwise I just feel like I am a work horse and I don't want it to lose its fun for me. I should be ready to start selling again at the swap meet and I want to have a stock of amigurumi's to sell there when I can start up again.


  1. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you! My friend Angela made it for me, it was just perfect for me :)