Wednesday, January 20, 2010

computer laid to rest

My computer had a terrible incident with a glass of water last weekend and it has been laid to rest and gone to computer heaven. It was an awful day already starting with me not sleeping at all the night before and then my husband waking up with the stomach flu. he stayed in bed all day and right now we live in a teeny tiny room together where he sleeps on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed and I sleep in a cot that I take down everyday. so without being able to take down the cot, cause I still needed to have a place to rest with my own health not being very good and I need to have my leg elevated. so space was small in the room and we were all on top of each other. It really was a miserable day. Its terrible when the sick person has to take care of the sicker person! so as I leaned over to get some air in the room, his glass of water tipped over and fell all over my desk, and bed. and my computer as well. so we let it rest and dry out and when we started it up yesterday, no screen came and it made the most awful of beeping sounds. ugh, so it was a terrible, terrible day. I am glad that there aren't too many of those!
so I have lots of new projects to show off and patterns to publish, but I will have to wait on that until we get our new computer. I can use Aram's computer, but not really to upload my pictures and things. We are planning on getting a new desktop, and I think it will be good cause it will be more reliable than these laptops that I have been using the last five years, I am done with laptops. I feel like a computer should last more than two years right? I have heard not, but jeeze!
I am really excited about all my new projects, I have a mobile for my friend's new baby with birds on vines with little flowers. I have this great little game that I came up with that is expanding on a pattern that I got from Amigurumi world by ana paula rimoli. It is eggs in the carton, six of them. the shells are white and split into two halves, on the edges of the halves they are lined with the color of the chick inside. so when the child plays with the eggs and takes them apart, they have to match the colors in order to put it back correctly, its a good way to teach the child their colors. I tested it on my friend's four year old (I thought he was a little old for the game) but he just loved it! He also liked cracking the eggs on people's heads and watching the eggs come apart. soooo cute! I plan to publish the pattern (the original idea and pattern came from ana paula rimoli like I said, but I changed the pattern quite a bit to fit the eggs better, and making it into a game and color coded was all me :) I am excited to sell the sets of six at the swap meet as well, I think they will make a great easter gift.

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