Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm getting Married next Saturday!!!

yep, thats right I am adding that to my todos for this upcoming week 1.finish crafting christmas presents, 2. fulfill order for five pairs of crochet handwarmers 3. plan and get married. Holy Cow! Do I have my head on straight?! Well when it all comes down to it, its about Aram and I and how in love we are and that we just want to be married... to make it official. We already feel married, very married and committed to each other. The hard part with all of this is my health. I feel alright and then I get up and talk with aram or my friend who we live with, Angela and I crawl back into bed tired and aching. When I first came up with the idea of getting married while aram's family is in town one idea kind of led into another and all of a sudden I was going to be a in big fancy dress and plans started to get out of control. I just don't have the energy for all of that. So the plans are very simple albeit unconventional, I am going to wear my normal clothes, and aram as well, we are going to go to Top of the World in laguna beach, and exchange vows and rings with the help of our friend who is an officiant, in front of our friends and his family. I figure that next year when I am healthier and we have more money we can plan a big celebration and include everyone that is missing from this wedding.
In the meantime, I got an unexpected order for five pairs of wrist warmers for before next wednesday... and I am in shock at how fast I have been crocheting (maybe I am getting faster than I used to be?!!) I already have one pair finished with part of another done. Plus I have a few more Christmas presents to make, wrap and send out. so for an injured sick person on bedrest I have committed myself to a lot. I just have to remember that i can always get presents late to people and everyone will understand.
I watched Julie and Julia today what a sweet movie about one's passion saving them. i can relate in certain ways since I feel that crocheting and crafting has helped me to keep my hands and mind busy while I have been healing. working on fiber arts has given me something to focus on, get better at and express myself. I am glad that I have had something cause I have really needed it. I have such a sense of accomplishment when I have finished something that pleases me.
alright, got to get back to work on handwarmers. Happy Holidays!!!

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