Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great Green Tea

I just wanted to pass this on out to anyone that might benefit from it. Recently everyone in my house has gotten the stomach flu and it has been really nasty, poor things. I have been waiting to catch it because I have a weakened immune system.... I took immune suppressors for nine months because of my rattlesnake bite and I seem to catch everything that goes around. I was talking with my friend this morning and she helped me put together that the difference between me and everyone else is that I have been drinking green tea (about two cups a day). Green tea has lots and lots of positive attributes, one of which is that it fights germs. It helps stave off cancer, lowers chloresterol and blood pressure, is great for dieting because it burns fat and helps prevent demetia. So i encourage everyone to start to drink green tea to help fight the bugs.

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  1. I love green tea! My mom (who has recently really struggled with her health) drinks a cup every night. I didn't know there were so many great things about it, my mom just says "it has lots of antioxidants"