Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wow!!! Yesterday I had quite a surprise when I opened up my email... My crochet eggs pattern was the pattern of the day on www.Dailycrocheter.com! It was such an honor and surprise to have my pattern seen by a larger group like that. Anyway, its a really neat feeling to think that other people have seen my words, my thoughts and the product of my creativity! When I started this blog it was my intention to just have a place where I could publish my patterns, It was like doing something for myself, not about the results and never did I dream that people would respond and actually want to make my designs. So this is an unexpected and very cool outcome. I feel like I am putting myself out there, and who knows where it will take me.

I have been working on a lot more amigurumi animals lately. I have had lots of ideas for a long time for certain animals that I wanted to create, but I had not gotten to them, so finally I have gotten the time and energy to make them. So here is my cow that I absolutely love. My maiden name is Makowski and I grew up in rural Northern California where there were lots of cows around. My dad would always roll down the windows, cup his hands over his mouth and yell "MOOOO!", very convincingly I must say. Its a very happy memory I have of me and my dad, brings a smile to my face. So I really made this cow for my dad.
I also made a super cute puppy, a sheep and a duck for a s
wap that I am doing on ravelry (my first swap ever!)
The other thing that I have been excited about is that I have gotten into making crochet items for charity. It has been something that I have wanted to do is to use my time and talents to help other people. so I made six or so hats for babies, plus a weiner dog and a caterpillar that I made for this month's amigurumi along. It gave me a huge sense of satisfaction to give freely knowing that it will go for helping other people. I felt like my heart grew, :) I encourage anyone that is able to find a charity, or women's shelter, or orphanage, whatever to give what you can to. I am not able to give in terms of a lot of things, but I have time and ability to crochet, so that is what I am giving.
The group that I am volunteering my time for is through my church called crafts for christ, they have a bear pattern that I am working on making right now. Its a one piece back and forth kind of pattern that you sew up, I am used to working in the round like with amigurumi, so this is something new for sure.
well, till next time!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Learning to heal

Something that I have had to deal with since getting bitten by the rattlesnake is that I have to rely on other people in a way that I have never had to before in my life. I have struggled with this a lot because I am fairly independent and have always liked to do things myself. I started working at a young age so I could earn my own money, I loved turning 16 and getting my driver's license so that I could go off and drive myself places, I love cleaning my own home, cooking for myself and would not be the kind of person to have a nanny for my children. I think that I practically pride myself on being able to do it all myself. and boy this experience has really changed that for me. I haven't driven since September of '08!! I can't stand long enough to cook or clean, and I have to rely on Aram to work and make all the money. Now, I have fought this, believe me, I have tried to vacuum only to be in major pain later in the afternoon from doing it, I have tried to cook only to get sick from the exertions. and lately as Aram and I's expenses have gone up moving into this apartment, and we are tighter with money, I have wanted to start working so that I can help out more.
Now recently my pastor at church (rick warren) has given some sermons about getting through difficult times and having hope. One of the first things that he said to do is to pray about what God's dream is for us. So I prayed, and I heard something, or kind of like heard and saw a little scene. And I came to really understand that God wants me to heal. From my ego-filled brain I am thinking, yeah right, what does God care, but I am learning not to listen to such criticism that my brain likes to dish out to me. So, if God wants me to heal, and in my vision I see this image of me resting on the couch with my leg up. I think that means that I am not supposed to be cleaning, cooking, pushing myself, trying to find ways around resting. Honestly, for an active person like me, being told to rest and relax on a couch and let other people do for you is like torture sometimes!!!
I feel like I have this giant test of faith about learning to rely on others and not do everything myself. I don't really believe that God caused me to get bit by the rattlesnake, but I do believe that there are certain lessons that I can learn along the way. I mean this whole experience has been difficult, but I think I can learn to have balance about asking for help and relying on God and others to help me through, cause if I keep thinking that I can do everything then I am basically not believing that God is there and ultimately in control.
ps, I have lots of pictures to post and I will in another blog post....