Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great Green Tea

I just wanted to pass this on out to anyone that might benefit from it. Recently everyone in my house has gotten the stomach flu and it has been really nasty, poor things. I have been waiting to catch it because I have a weakened immune system.... I took immune suppressors for nine months because of my rattlesnake bite and I seem to catch everything that goes around. I was talking with my friend this morning and she helped me put together that the difference between me and everyone else is that I have been drinking green tea (about two cups a day). Green tea has lots and lots of positive attributes, one of which is that it fights germs. It helps stave off cancer, lowers chloresterol and blood pressure, is great for dieting because it burns fat and helps prevent demetia. So i encourage everyone to start to drink green tea to help fight the bugs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

computer laid to rest

My computer had a terrible incident with a glass of water last weekend and it has been laid to rest and gone to computer heaven. It was an awful day already starting with me not sleeping at all the night before and then my husband waking up with the stomach flu. he stayed in bed all day and right now we live in a teeny tiny room together where he sleeps on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed and I sleep in a cot that I take down everyday. so without being able to take down the cot, cause I still needed to have a place to rest with my own health not being very good and I need to have my leg elevated. so space was small in the room and we were all on top of each other. It really was a miserable day. Its terrible when the sick person has to take care of the sicker person! so as I leaned over to get some air in the room, his glass of water tipped over and fell all over my desk, and bed. and my computer as well. so we let it rest and dry out and when we started it up yesterday, no screen came and it made the most awful of beeping sounds. ugh, so it was a terrible, terrible day. I am glad that there aren't too many of those!
so I have lots of new projects to show off and patterns to publish, but I will have to wait on that until we get our new computer. I can use Aram's computer, but not really to upload my pictures and things. We are planning on getting a new desktop, and I think it will be good cause it will be more reliable than these laptops that I have been using the last five years, I am done with laptops. I feel like a computer should last more than two years right? I have heard not, but jeeze!
I am really excited about all my new projects, I have a mobile for my friend's new baby with birds on vines with little flowers. I have this great little game that I came up with that is expanding on a pattern that I got from Amigurumi world by ana paula rimoli. It is eggs in the carton, six of them. the shells are white and split into two halves, on the edges of the halves they are lined with the color of the chick inside. so when the child plays with the eggs and takes them apart, they have to match the colors in order to put it back correctly, its a good way to teach the child their colors. I tested it on my friend's four year old (I thought he was a little old for the game) but he just loved it! He also liked cracking the eggs on people's heads and watching the eggs come apart. soooo cute! I plan to publish the pattern (the original idea and pattern came from ana paula rimoli like I said, but I changed the pattern quite a bit to fit the eggs better, and making it into a game and color coded was all me :) I am excited to sell the sets of six at the swap meet as well, I think they will make a great easter gift.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mamma Rabbit Pattern

I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in White, one skein is enough to leave extra left over.

I use Magic Circles to start all my patterns, and I highly recommend everyone learn it because it really makes the circles tight with no hole, but you can use the ch 2 then sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook method, or any you are comfortable with. Here is a good tutorial where I learned how to do it, honestly I could never go back to doing it the other ways!

I am also a fan of the invisible decrease, I used to get these unsightly bumps and I learned this great technique and now my decreases look flawless. so here is another tuturial to help about learning that technique;

I used suncatcher safety eyes. I just love them, I think it gives the amigurumi's that I make a whole other level of personality. you can get them fairly inexpensively at


Magic circle 6 ch, join with sl st

R1 inc >1 every ch (12)

R2 Sc 1, inc>1* (18)

R3 Sc 2, inc>1*(24)

R4 Sc 3, inc>1* (30)

R5 Sc 4, inc>1* (36)

R6 Sc 5, inc>1* (42)

R7 Sc 6, inc>1* (48)

R8-18 Sc in each sc around

R19 Sc 6, dec<7+8tog*>

R20 Sc 5, dec<6+7tog*>

R21 Sc 4, dec<5+6tog*>

R22 Sc 3, dec<4+5tog*>

R23 Sc 2, dec<3+4tog*>

Attach safety eyes now and Stuff

R24 1Sc, dec<2+3tog>

R25 Sc 2tog around, Bind off


Magic circle 6ch, join with sl st

R1 inc>1 every ch around (12)

R2 Sc 1, inc>1* (18)

R3 Sc 2, inc>1*(24)

R4 Sc 3, inc>1* (30)

R5 Sc 4, inc>1* (36)

R6-10 Sc in each around

R11Sc 5, inc>1* (42)

R12-15 Sc in each around

R16 Sc 6, inc>1*(48)

R17-22 Sc in each around

R23 Sc 7, inc>1*(54)

R24 Sc 8, inc>1*(60)

R25-27 Sc in each around

R28 Sc 8, dec<9+10*>(54)

R29 Sc 7, dec<8+9*>(48)

R30 Sc 6, dec<7+8*>(42)

R31 Sc 5, dec<6+7*>(36)

R32 Sc 4, dec<5+6*>(30)

R33 Sc 3, dec<4+5*>(24)

Stuff, stuff, stuff!

R34 Sc 2, dec<3+4*>(18)

R35 Sc 1, dec<2+3*>(12)

R36 Sc 2 tog around, stuff some more Bind off.

Arms, make 2

Magic circle 6 ch, join with sl st

R1 Sc in each around (6)

R2 Sc 2, inc>1, Sc 2, inc>1 (8)

R3-5 Sc in each around

R6 Sc 3, inc>1, Sc 3, inc>1 (10)

R7-10 Sc in each around

R11 Sc 1, inc>1*(15)

R12 Sc in each around

R13 Sc 2, inc>1* (20)

R14 Sc in each around

R15 Sc 2 tog around

Stuff, Bind Off

Back Legs (make 2)
Magic circle 3 ch join with sl st
R1 Sc 2 in each around (6)
R2 Sc 2 in each around (12)
R3 Sc 2, inc>1* (18)
R4-5 Sc in each around.
R6 Sc in next sc, dec<2+3>

R7-13 Sc in each sc around.
Note: Change to working back and forth in rows.
R14 Ch 1, turn sc in first 6 sc; leave remaining sts unworked.
R15 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 4 sc; leave last 2 sc unworked.
R16 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 2 sc; leave last 2 sc unworked.
R17 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 2 sc, sc in unworked sc in row below; leave 1 sc unworked (3)
R18 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 3 sc, sc in unworked sc in row below; leave 1 sc unworked (4)
R19 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 4 sc, sc in unworked sc in row below (5)
R20 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 5 sc, sc in unworked sc in row below (6)
R21 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 6 sc; insert hook in edge of work and draw up a loop, insert hook in unworked sc in row below and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook (edge-sc2tog made); sc in next 4 sc; insert hook in next sc and draw up a loop, insert hook in edge of work and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook (edge-sc2tog made); do not join (12)
Note: Change to working in rnds.
R22-23 Sc in each sc around.
R24 1 Sc, inc>1* (18)
R25 Sc in each sc around.
R26 Sc 2, inc>1* ( 24)
R27 Sc in each sc around.
R28 Sc 3, inc>1* (30)
R29 Sc in each sc around.
R30 Sc 9, dec<10+11>

R31 Sc 3, dec>4+5* (24)
Stuff Leg lightly
R32 Sc 2, dec<3+4* (18)

R33 Sc in next sc, dec<2+3*>

R34 Sc 2tog (6)
Bind Off

Ears, make 2

Magic circle 3ch, join with sl st

R1-3 Sc 2 in each ch around ending with 12 st (12)

R4-9 Sc in each around (12)

R10 Sc 5, inc>1* (14)

R11-13 Sc in each around

R14 Sc 6, inc>1* (16)

R15 Sc in each around

Bind Off


Magic circle 3ch

R1 Sc 2 in each around (6)

R2 Sc in each around

Bind Off

Tail (I used a fuzzy yarn I have lying around, but you can use the same white yarn as the rest of the pattern)

Magic circle 3 ch join with sl st
R1 Sc 2 in each around (6)
R2 Sc 2 in each around (12)
R3 Sc in each around

Bind Off

Sew all parts tightly together as per picture.

And your done! Enjoy your Bunny Rabbit! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!



Sc=Single Crochet

sl st=slip stitch



Inc>1=increase one single crochet

Dec<1 3="decrease">

I'm Married!

Well, I managed Christmas and getting married the next day! It was a beautiful ceremony and all my friends and family (and new family) all helped so much to make it a real wedding occasion. You all can watch it online if you are interested at and the video is titled something like wedding. So now it feels wonderful to be married, actually not that much different, but that not much different is a wonderful feeling. Aram treats me so well and we have a great relationship, I am way happy. Now Aram and I are looking for a new place to live, we have outgrown living with our friend in the kids bedroom, we are ready for our own space, everyday we keep saying to ourselves, 'We can't wait until we have our apartment!' My health is a lot better and I have the energy to be looking for places to live and things like that. I actually was able to go out and see a movie last weekend (Avatar, it rocked) and coffee the next morning, although it meant that I slept literally all morning and afternoon today to catch up on the rest I didn't get this weekend. So that is pretty much my personal life in a nutshell, not all that exciting :)
I got four Amigurumi books for Christmas, and I am loving them, although its funny because I have been all about making my own designs. My next post will be the pattern for the rabbit, I suppose it is a little early for Easter, but maybe this will help people get a leg up! I am planning on making a dozen eggs and a dozen baby chicks in egg cartons.... but before that I have LOTS of presents to make for people and lots of requests. But I decided for my own sanity to do one amigurumi for someone else and then one for myself, otherwise I just feel like I am a work horse and I don't want it to lose its fun for me. I should be ready to start selling again at the swap meet and I want to have a stock of amigurumi's to sell there when I can start up again.