Sunday, August 1, 2010

more about etsy my journey

My Yoda was featured as a groovy find on a woman's site that found me, I have already had a sale from it! check it out and all her other cool groovy finds at;

So I have been super successful this last month (in my estimation) between my etsy shop, my in laws (buying through my etsy shop) and selling at my local swap meet (a friend has a booth and is generous enough to put my ami critters out) I have made approx $250! Maybe I should not be sharing such details as I don't really notice other people doing that, but what the hay. To me that is major success, I have made that money while laying on the couch, healing. I made that money by letting my creative mind expand and excite me. I have made that money by doing something that I absolutely love and enjoy most every minute of it. It has been a lot of time spent on the computer and doing a lot of social networking that I wouldn't normally do, but it seems like it is working.

Every crochet stitch that I make is keeping my head out of thinking about how much pain I am in. I truly believe that the best way to combat pain is distraction. I would be a mess if I had to sit here all day and think about how much pain I am in and how I don't see any drastic difference in my leg one day to the next. When I was first dealing with my leg situation I experimented with a lot of ways to deal with my pain, coming to the realization that this was going to take years to fix and all the things that had to be put on hold because of my leg. It was some tough months, for sure, and there were times that I spent in denial (which did not serve me at all because I used my leg more than I should have during critical healing times). I tried, hypnosis, I tried visualization, I tried denial, a myriad of alternative healing methods, but in the end the BEST way to deal with major pain is distraction. Parents know this, when their child is crying and freaking out from falling on the playground, they comfort their child and get them focused on something else. So that is what I do. My hardest times often come at night, so I listen to audiobooks on my MP3 player and if I am really awake and miserable I will grab my closest crochet project and start to crochet.

Anyway this blog post has taken on a different path than I meant it to. I have been finding that writing is really cathartic for me. I express myself through writing and get out thoughts that have been germinating in my head for awhile. i used to journal a lot when I was in high school, it really helped me at a time when I was developing parts of myself and needed self-reflection. and then one day it was like I couldn't write about my feelings anymore and it was time to get out there and live my life rather than write about it. But lately I have been feeling like writing again. I have always had it in my mind to someday write a book. but the ideas never quite take hold. But I have been feeling the call to write so much stronger lately. Lots of people have suggested writing a book about my experience with my leg and maybe that is the idea that will really take root and inspire me enough to write a whole book about it, who knows.
anyway, I feel as if I have rambled on enough my husband is anxious about getting to the grocery store. signing off for now, Lani