Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New projects for New Baby in the Family

I have a new baby second cousin! Her name is Eliana Miriam Grey born 3/31/10. She is so adorable, like a little peanut. This is from Aram's side of the family that I have not met yet. They live in Mass, so it might be a bit before I get to meet the little one, but its still nice to count a bigger family. So I got busy making her an amigurumi mobile. My idea is to have a sun, cloud, rainbow and bird. I made up the sun and cloud patterns on my own and am using a rainbow pattern that I got from ravelry which you can find here http://www.enfys.me.uk/freerainbows.htm. I am going to make two of the rainbow patterns and crochet them together to create dimension. Next I plan to make a bird and find a way to have all of the objects hang nicely. I had been kind of bored with my amigurumi creations lately and this has totally reinvigorated me. I think there is nothing like a little baby to make stuff for! I seriously cannot wait to have one of my own to be able to make stuff for.
Aram and I went to Easter at Angel stadium with Saddleback church. It was a beautiful service and as always inspiring. It was the 30th anniversary for the church and I feel so grateful to be a part of such a great church. there were 40,000 people there!! I went in my wheelchair and got there way early to avoid the crowds. It was really cold though, especially where we were sitting in the wheelchair section, I felt like my fingers and toes were frozen!
After the Easter service Aram and I had lunch with our friends, then I got some one on one time with my friend at the bookstore (yay!!), while we were hanging out there was a decent sized earthquake that lasted a good long while. We were all calm about it and my friend just wheeled me away from the books! so it really was no big deal all in all and I had a very nice Easter day.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day. :) I always love it when its a special day at the stadium... Cut mobile... :)