Friday, June 4, 2010


Well I have been trying to get my artfire store more off the ground. I have had items up and on sale since January and no sales yet. Admittedly i have not devoted a ton of time to SEO or to building interest in the business, but I am working on being more focused about it. I would very much like to sell my amigurumi critters. I love to make them and I know they are cute. seems like someone out there would want to pay me to make them something, right!!!! where are you person who wants to pay me??? lol, I know that it takes time and energy and I am not all that discouraged, I am more about figuring this internet home business thing out. I started a twitter account so that I can promote myself and start the 'branding' process, I have been adding items for sale on artfire, and here I am blogging about it.
So, Peoples out there come check out my webstore, and pass the word, if you know anyone that wants some super totally cute crochet items I am your girl!
Thank you!!!

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